Private Offering Memoranda

Private Offering Memorandum , Bay Area Business Development Consultant

If you’re in need of additional capital or considering partnering with an investor, a private offering memorandum (POM) is a simplified document that is intended to facilitate interest and spark dialogue with your investor candidate(s). Partner with our professional investment writers to create a synthesized offering that clearly articulates your objectives, associated risks, and terms of the required investment. 

Many business owners confuse a Business Plan with a POM. Business plans serve a completely different purpose than a POM does. A business plan is primarily a marketing document created to promote your company and is something you need anyway. It purposely contains forward-looking information. For example, a business plan will outline market demand, customer profiles, growth opportunities, competitive landscape, revenue channels, and potential strategic partners like finding a web development firm. A POM is a disclosure document that is descriptive but not persuasive in its style and allows the investor to decide on the merits of the investment opportunity.

The presentation of a POM is more factual and concrete. We’ll collaborate with you to address external and internal risks facing your company. The added value of your POM is that it will indirectly serve as business collateral, especially if it looks professional and is thorough. Our exclusive POMs will balance disclosure requirements with marketing elements designed to help you seal the deal.

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