Marketing Consulting for Medical Cannabis

If you have a business in the Cannabis industry, you’re positioned well as one of the early adopters in this emerging market. Whether you’re a grower, supplier, wholesaler or dispensary owner, now is the time to become known as an authority in the industry.  

Set yourself apart from the competition and establish an online and community presence that makes your business a one source solution especially for those who choose alternative methods for healing.

This is an exciting time to “grow” your business. However, it can be really tough particularly with the every changing regulations and restrictions. This is where we come in. 

Our business is to help you grow your business.  Devine Solutions Group provides marketingbusiness development, land-use planning, brand development and much more. 

Our services will help you plant the seeds of sustained growth. Call us at 833-933-8463 to discuss the next best steps to harvesting your Cannabis business.

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

Medical & Recreational Cannabis Marketing