E-Commerce Consulting , Sales and Marketing Consultant

The internet has made shopping more convenient than ever. Who has time to plan a shopping trip anymore? Online shopping gives consumers the ability to shop from anywhere, especially from the comfort of their own home. Your e-commerce website is your storefront, and when you couple your vision with our 25 years of experience in digital advertising and retail business development, you’re standing in front of the perfect storm for success.

Our e-commerce retail consultants will assist you in developing your website content and  promotional offers, as well as establishing your KPIs so you can gain insight into your performance strengths and opportunities.

Have us create a 24-Month Marketing and Implementation Plan so you can obtain the traction you need to gain momentum and position your company as a real player on the internet without compromising the level of service your customers require. 

  • Inventory Control
  • Performance Management
  • Promotion Set-up/Management
  • Refresh
  • Seasonal Planning
  • Softlines/Hardlines
  • Subscription-based Strategy
  • Up-sell strategy
  • And Much More . . .

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