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Devine Solutions Group is a Pleasanton digital marketing agency and website design company. We understand that time is the only asset we never get back. Our passion is to assist you in monetizing your business so you can maximize your time.

The Why, How and What

It’s simple. We exist to help you grow your business. DSG believes that small business owners deserve a brighter presence in this competitive environment. It seems that we have to fight harder to get noticed in the marketplace.  Our economy was built on the efforts of entrepreneurs. You work hard and deserve to have a place and a voice that has a positive, impactful and meaningful contribution to society.

DSG is a catalyst for entrepreneurs to gain traction and momentum by collaborating, creating and implementing business development and marketing services that give owners visibility to be seen and heard by their niche markets quickly and efficiently.   

DSG is a Bay Area business development and implementation consulting firm that supports small to mid-sized businesses. Specifically Local Business Enterprise.

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs with turning their business potential into a profitable reality by assisting them with creating and implementing the best business development and marketing practices available. This is all in the effort to assist business owners in gaining momentum so as to realize the financial independence they deserve.

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Website Design Pleasanton CA

Are you a business who needs website design in Pleasanton? DSG provides business owners and entrepreneurs a full service digital marketing strategy that starts with creating a compelling website and then implementing our marketing strategy to drive qualified leads through your doors.

Our Services

Our Signature Services are:

Web Design and Digital Marketing

If you don’t know where you are, you don’t know where you’re going. Our 24-Month Marketing Implementation Plan gives you an actionable and measurable roadmap to begin your journey toward success.  

This plan is by far our most sought-after service. It clearly outlines what tasks are required and the exact sequence needed for a methodical and successful completion. When precisely executed, the 24-Month Plan will start moving your business down the path to a new momentum phase. This is where you start, so let’s get going!

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  • “It has been my good fortune to meet and become a friend of Beth Devine and Devine Solutions Group, LLC.  Beth’s business acumen and attention to detail has aided me in my business vision and actuation.  I am amazed at her breadth of knowledge. I am an entrepreneur and as such I am a bit cautious of Professional Business Services that know what I should do before I even visit with them.  Devine Solutions Group LISTENS.  Each aspect of their assistance is based upon an open assessment of my goals and collaboration of ideas resulting in my desired successes.  Count yourself fortunate to associate with Beth Devine and Devine Solutions Group, LLC.”

    Laurie D. – CEO/Founder of a nationwide senior fitness health and wellness company

    Business Development Consulting
  • “Professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with. Beth takes the time to get to know your business so she can create the correct plan of action.”

    Steve S.- Owner of a Powersports dealership.

    Marketing and Implementation Services
  • “Devine Solutions Group is a Bay Area premier marketing consulting firm. Beth Devine is knowledgeable, has high integrity, and is driven to help your company succeed. Thanks Beth!”

    Robert D.-Radiation safety professional

    Marketing and Implementation Services
  • “I have worked with Devine Solutions Group for the past few years and they are truly the best in the business. They focus on turning concepts into a profitable reality. Highly recommend!!!”

    Ray M.-Entrepreneur

    Marketing and Business Development Services
  • “I have worked with Beth and Devine Solutions Group for a few years now and it has truly been a great experience. She’s an innovator and a visionary and her drive to produce a great product is above the rest.”

    Roberto A.-Graphic Designer

    Brand Development and Marketing
  • “Passion and integrity describe Devine Solutions Group! Beth takes each client’s needs and pours her expertise, time and talent’s into each project. This is not just her business, it becomes personal….and that’s what makes such a successful outcome! I would highly recommend Devine Solutions Group for all your business plan and consulting needs….let Beth show you what “Excellence” looks like!”

    Kim C.-Real Estate Agent

    Business Planning
  • “Beth Devine of Devine Solutions Group lead our team of founding associates for  SAVI Health, International. She is a genuinely inspirational leader.  Beth was an integral member of the leadership counsel team and has an extraordinary work ethic, positive attitude, and her effectiveness in the training calls are inspiring and motivating to others. Beth assisted with the creation and implementation of the company’s duplicatable system which has become a success tool for the organization.  She is absolutely Devine!”

    Carlos E.-Entrepreneur

    Process Improvement and Implementation Services
  • “I hired Devine Solutions Group to develop my business and marketing plan for my property management company. It was a very smart move, and the best investment I have made so far. I enjoyed working with Beth, and she taught me a lot about business and created strategic plans that are working . As a result of hiring DSG, my vacancy rates are at an all time low and my company has increased net profit by double digits. Beth is not only good at what she does, she was so responsive to the business needs, and was able to deliver the project on time and under budget. I highly recommend partnering with Beth Devine of Devine Solutions Group. Beth is absolutely phenomenal. She knows her business and will help you with yours.”

    Terrie P.-Owner of a commercial property.

    Marketing and Implementation Services
  • “I have worked with Devine Solutions Group on multiple projects I have found them to be innovative, thorough, insightful, and forthright in the execution of our projects. I highly recommend using Devine Solutions Group for your next marketing or sales-support project.”

    Tim R.- Executive Vice President of an architectural firm.

    Business Development and Implementation Services
  • “Devine Solutions Group gave me the marketing and implementation plan that I needed to take my business to the next level. They are very responsive, solution oriented and easy to work with.”

    Dr. Laura L.-CEO of a consulting firm.

    24-Month Marketing and Implementation Plan
  • “Working with Beth Devine of Devine Solutions Group has served my Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Design and Land Use Planning firm well. Her ability to visualize potential in my company coupled with her creating a viable marketing strategy was what we needed to grow the company. As a result of hiring DSG, my gross revenue has increased 300% over a period five (5) years. Beth’s knowledge of how to promote business as well as staff development literally allowed me to focus on what matters most, managing the company’s growth.”

    Jeff M.-President/Owner of a small civil engineering firm.

    Marketing and Implementation Services
  • “Beth brought insight into the bidding process for a municipal project my company was bidding on. The knowledge of the RFP preparation and submittal process she provided was priceless. We concluded that she must be involved with all of our future RFP submittals.”

    “Her service brings so much value that NOT having Beth on your team would be a waste of time and most likely you’ll not get the contract award, much less the interview. Her service in assisting companies with preparing and submitting for bid opportunities should be mandatory.”

    Gregg H.-Owner of a pressure washing company.

    Government Procurement/RFP Submittal
  • “I hired Beth Devine of Devine Solutions Group last year to create a comprehensive marketing, and business plan for my E-Commerce start-up company. After receiving the finished products, I presented her work to a former President of one of the largest retail brands ever known. His statement to me was, “In my 40+ years in retail, these plans are the best I have ever seen. This girl really knows her stuff, especially retail.” Because of her work, I have successfully capitalized, created the infrastructure needed to support not only a nationwide launch but sustainable and scaled growth.”

    Josh T.-CEO of a start-up online retail company.

    Marketing and Business Plan

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